Second Post

So today I have time to screw around with the technical aspects of the site. So far I have accomplished getting comments added to my entries, so if anyone wants to call me on anything I write you can go ahead.

I called Eric today about some stuff I wanted to implement here, and he was very helpful in tracking down information for me, and he didn't even say "Did you even TRY google, you ass?" Thanks. Although if anyone who stumbles across this website knows how to get Kung-Tunes to work with iBlog, let me know. I specifically want to put my current song in the sidebar. I think if I really put my mind to it, it will get done, but we will see.

So this is what it is to blog.

Nothing to see here, move along.

I hate the word blog. Blog blog blog. Fuck it, this is a journal. And not a very honest one at that because I am more of a dick and less intelligent than most people believe. So I suppose you can all make inferences from what I say here that a) the incriminating details have been held back from you, and b) the opinions expressed here are probably yours, I have just taken them for my own.

That said, this space must have a purpose hey? Well ok, I don't phone my friends nearly enough, and when I finally get together with them, there is so much that is actually new but since I don't feel like it is interesting anymore, there really is no reason to get into it all. That is part of it. Often times I just wish I had a forum to talk about things, but on a more spread out timeline than say, chatting in the pub.

After an hour with this software, I haven't found how to change the default page layout, so we are stuck with it... Well I am, you can just not read it if you don't like it.
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